If you are a fan of whiskey, you might already know some of the best ones are distilled in  America. The American speciality of Bourbon is solely produced in the US using a grain mixture of corn and charred American white oak barrels. This uniquely American whiskey was first distilled in the late 18th century.

It’s famously said that all Bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskeys can be Bourbon. Bourbons are sweeter than the scotch counterparts and are very popular amongst whisky aficionados. Here’s a list of the best eleven American whiskeys that you’ll fall in love with! Let’s get the journey started! 

1. Buffalo Trace

Let’s start with one of the most exemplary bourbons in the history of whiskey. Distilled at the famous Buffalo Trace distillery, this flagship product is pretty much available in every store that sells alcohol. Created tastefully with key ingredients that include rye, barley, and corn; this whisky is distinguishable by its tasting notes and aromas. Sniff a little before drinking, and you’ll notice caramel, honey, citrus, and mint notes, taste a little and you’ll notice sweet toffee, brown sugar, and rye.

2. WL Weller 12 Year

This unique whiskey was the first to include wheat as the vital grain instead of rye. Be ready to taste something dry, complex, and toasty with incredible taste notes of cocoa dust. That’s not all the drink also imparts a touch of spices, wheat, cedar and finishes off with nutty aftertaste. A soft and smooth whisky bursting with vibrant flavours that will leave every whiskey lover craving for more.

3. Four Roses Single Barrel

If you are out there exploring the American whiskey varieties, Four Roses Single Barrel is the one not to be missed. This smooth drink is a perfect mixture of corn, rye and malted barley along with light fruity yeast strain. This single barrel bourbon is brewed by Kirin Brewery Company and falls under straight bourbon classification.

4. Old Forester Statesman

This drink is inspired by movies such as ‘Kingsman andThe Golden Circle’. Old Forester Statesman has already won the Master Award at the Spirits Business American Whiskey Masters 2017. You’ll notice clove and oak spice with an underlying raw vanilla aroma to the drink. As for the palate, there’s an incredible flash of pepper, cinnamon and citrusy flavour which eventually fades of into orange cream and caramel.

5. Bernheim Original

A Kentucky Original, this wheat-based whiskey was first to be launched in the American market. Here’s a fascinating fact about the Bernheim Original, they are aged for a minimum of two years to a maximum of seven, in the new charred oak barrels. The nose of this drink will bring baking spices and dark fruits with a similar palate and finishes off with toasty spices.

6. Eagle Rare 10-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Another magnificent creation from Buffalo Trace. This top-quality Bourbon is about 10 to 17 years old and has deep and complex flavours. This brand of bourbon whiskey falls under the classification of Straight Bourbon. Eagle rare has a subtle yet delicious nose of orange peel and maple syrup. As for the palate, it is sweet with notes of honey, toasted brown sugar, new oak, and white pepper which later finishes off with vanilla, oak spice, and old leather flavour. It is the only Bourbon to ever win the double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition five times.

7. Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

One of the best American whiskeys in the market. Made by the legendary global whiskey brand Maker’s Mark distillery, this whiskey is distilled with corn, soft winter wheat, and malted barley. When you nose it, you’ll get a distinct creaminess in the aroma along with berries and cinnamon. The palate consists of summer fruits and hints of nuts, finishing it off winter spices.

8. Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection

This is yet another famous Kentucky distillery which releases fantastic new Bourbons every year. Every bottle has a new spin and uses traditional distilling techniques consisting of 30% malt content. While you nose it, deep caramel, brown sugar, and dark chocolate are the highest aroma notes that’ll get your immediate attention. As for the flavour, it is led by intense smoked almond and malt which fades into a cherry fruit jam.

9. Parker’s Heritage Collection

 Pepper, dried fruit, oak, and vanilla are the aromas you’ll get when you nose this highly rated whisky. As for the palate, you’ll get a taste of spicy citrus, nutmeg, caramel and tinge of honey which then finishes off with toasted coffee. Incredibly unique flavour!

10.Bulleit Bourbon

This version of American whiskey is also called Frontier Whiskey. Bulleit Bourbon consists of over 17% of rye. This high rye content gives it a spicy character.   The Nose is Rich and spicy, with warming notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. The Palette is spicy initially, and then softer notes of dried fruit and sweet spice follow. However, it has enough fruitiness to soften out the spicy edge.

11. Widow Jane 10yr Bourbon Whiskey

An aged whiskey, it has a sweet mineral taste obtained from the water used for distilling. This straight bourbon whiskey is produced by Cacao Prieto and has a copper colour to it. The aromas that stand out when you nose it are corn, oak, barrel char, and vanilla with a surprisingly sweet palate.


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