Europe has always claimed its beer heritage to be greater than the rest of the world. But, that’s not what America has to say. America’s craft beer styles have different tastes, textures, and aromas of the beer. America has become the world leaders and innovators in everything that’s about beer. The first beer in America was made in 1587 by Virginia colonists. They brew the first American beer called ale using corn. If you are a fan of beer and haven’t tried the American beer styles, let us tell you that you are missing out on life! Let delve into the different American beer styles. With so many varieties of American beer styles available with distinct aroma and flavour, it’s going to be a hard pick. Let’s take a closer look at all the different styles, and we hope you enjoy reading this mini-guide of different American beer styles.

1. American IPA

This belongs to India Pale Ales style family which is further classified by floral, fruity, citrus-like, piney American-variety hop character. The aroma starts with the nose and then works their way through with bitterness in taste. If you have had it once, you’ll recognise it a second time with eyes closed. This style of beer shows a confident attitude and assertiveness in character, especially considering it is made of American ingredients and “approach.” The hoppiness will intensify the spicy taste buds, and hence you’ll need to watch out for the food you consume after. A recent survey indicated that American IPA is amongst the top-selling craft beer style in American supermarkets and liquor stores.

•    Alcohol: Mild to Noticeable

    Clarity: Clear to Slight Haze

•    Brewing Process: Dry-hopping

2. American Amber Ale

The colour of this American beer turns from golden to amber, hence the name. This intense colour is derived from caramel and crystal malt additions that are used for brewing. American Amber Ale tastes like toasted, toffee flavour because of the ingredients used. The intoxication factor of this drink is rated between low-moderate to moderate. Some of the classic examples of this drink are North Coast Red Seal and Troegs Nugget Nectar.

•    Alcohol: Low-moderate to moderate

•    Clarity: Clear to Slight Haze

    Brewing process includes: fermentation using American ale yeast

3. American Pale Ale

This is one of the most classic American beers you’ll ever try. Just like American IPA, American pale ale also tastes piney and citrusy, but unlike the previous one, this has more floral hoppiness. Made with local American ingredients, this beer style feels bitter on your taste buds. This beer style can be combined with almost any kind of food ingredients including cheese, salads, and chicken.

•    Alcohol: Not Detectable to Mild

•    Clarity: Clear to Slight Haze

•    Brewing Process: Dry-hopping

4. American Cream Ale

This American beer style is ever so slightly hopping with a tinge of malt sweetness. This drink is made for those who enjoy easy drinking, and it belongs to the Hybrid style Beer family. It is made using a warm fermentation and cold lagering method. This drink has a longer history than most other American beer styles. They are light and crisp in taste.

•    Alcohol: Not Detectable to Mild

•    Clarity: Brilliant

•    Brewing Process: Sometimes krausened for carbonation

5. American Brown Ale

This malt-focused drink is not easy to describe when it comes to its flavour and aroma. There are notes of chocolate and aroma of hops along with a fruitiness. The inspiration for this drink might be British, but the ingredients and improvements are totally American. They are vibrant and sturdy with a dense, bold flavour comes with caramelly malt quality.

•    Alcohol: Mild to Noticeable

•    Clarity: Clear

•    Brewing Process: Maybe dry-hopped

6. California Common Beer

This American style beer belongs to the hybrid family of beers which is brewed in California with lager yeast. This beer is then further fermented at ale fermentation temperatures. California common beer is also malt-driven which tastes of toasted malt and caramel both in flavour as well as the aroma. They are also famously called steam beer. Some of the famous examples of this type of beer are Anchor Steam and Otter Creek Steampipe. California common beer was made out of attempts to produce lager beers without the help of refrigeration.

•    Alcohol: Not Detectable to Mild

•    Clarity: Clear

•    Brewing Process: Cool ale fermentation temperatures used to ferment this lager beer

7. American Stout

This is one of the most easily identifiable beers from the different American beer styles. American Stout is one of the thicker and darker American beers amongst the other craft beers. This has a flavour of dark malts along with American hops and is black in colour. You can easily pick up the dark malt bitterness and the burnt coffee toast flavour in this drink.

•    Alcohol: Mild to Noticeable

•    Clarity: Clear to Opaque

•    Brewing Process: Additional ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, vanilla beans, cherries are common, as is oak ageing.

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