High taxes and rents may have delayed the entry of breweries to the city, but no longer. A handful of places have opened their doors in recent years, to high acclaim. From Colaba to Parel, all the way down to Goregaon, you won’t have to travel too far for a glass of excellent craft beer.

Here is our up-to-date list of all the microbreweries in the city, and our recommendation of what to get while you’re there.

Microbreweries in Mumbai

  1. Toit

An outpost of one of the first breweries in the country, Toit has found its sway with Lower Parel’s office crowd. Serving a small but great lineup of beer, including a pale ale and a stout, you can choose between small and large glasses of 300ml and 500ml or get tasting shots of their entire menu. An always-changing list of specials also makes every visit a completely new experience. Also remember to never go here on a full stomach, because the food is top-notch and very reasonably priced.

Top picks: Indian Pale Ale (for the sweet aftertaste) and Tintin (for its creamy texture)

Location: Lower Parel

Cost of a Beer: Rs. 300

  1. Effingut

One of the newer entrants to the city’s craft beer scene, Effingut has outlets in Colaba and Bandra. They serve nine craft beers, including a nice cider as well. Get them in sizes ranging from 330ml ( if you’re on your own) to 1.8L if you’re with friends. Unlike many of the other places on this list, it doesn’t discriminate against harder alcohols either. In fact, they’re also well known for their impressive cocktail selection.

Top picks: Mango Chilli Cider and Best Bitter
Colaba and Bandra

Cost of a Beer: Rs. 290 for 330ml

  1. Doolally Taproom

If you’re looking for an entirely different ambience, Doolally is where it’s at. Instead of dim lighting and pizza at a beer bar, they’ve got bright lighting and innovative takes on mostly regional foods. Then there are board games and books f, and a host of workshops and events through the week. Doolally also usually has a long list of specials than the regular menu, so be sure to check with your server.

Top picks: Belgian Witbier and Oatmeal Stout

Location: Kemps Corner, Khar, Andheri and Navi Mumbai

Average Cost of a Beer: Rs. 300

  1. Brewbot Eatery and Pub Brewery

Among the cheaper places to head to for craft beer (or any beer, in fact), Brewbot has outlets in Bandra and Andheri. They have a wide selection of home-brewed beers, from a Belgian Wheat to Indian Pale Ale to Apple Cider. The food on the menu compliments the beer selection, and the decor is just what you would expect from a laid back, relaxed brewery. They also do brewery tours at both locations.

Top Picks: Mystery Pale Ale & Skywalker

Location: Bandra and Andheri

Average Cost of a Beer: Rs. 200

  1. Independence Brewing Company

The Independence Brewing Company in Mumbai serves craft beers across several global brew styles. This is one of the reasons why the place is a favourite hangout spot for suburban Mumbaikars. Interesting brews include the self-explanatory Blueberry Pie and Raspberry Porter, and Ixcacao – which includes cocoa nibs and bourbon vanilla.

Location: Goregaon

Average Cost of a Beer: Rs. 200

  1. Gateway Taproom

The Gateway Brewing Company supplies their unique brews to bars across Mumbai and Pune, but this is their first own pub venture where they showcase their flagship beers and experimental and limited-edition beers. A must try establishment for any beer lover.

Location: Bandra Kurla Complex

Average Cost of a Beer: Rs. 275

Although Six is a relatively small number when compared to the number of craft breweries in most major cities in the world, Mumbai is inching its way up to becoming a prominent city on the world beer map. Moreover, these six are expanding to new locations to serve fresh brews to an already discerning customer base.  You can also find their products at hundreds of locations that stock fresh brews from Gateway Taproom and The White Owl, among others.


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