Are you a beer and travel enthusiast? And, are you planning your next beer vacation? If yes, then you are at the right place because in this article we’ll walk you through some great beer destinations, beer festivals and breweries. So, pack your bags and hop on!

Berlin, Germany

Beer and Germany go together. We put Berlin first on this list because of the Berlin Beer Week that is about to happen between July 19-28, 2019. Hop on to the Berlin Beer Cruise because that’s the perfect way to start your beer vacation. While you are there, visit Markthalle Neun which is a food market known for its farm-fresh food and a craft brewery, Heidenpeters.

Heidenpeters is one of the best local brewers in Berlin. American Pale Ale and IPA are the standard ones at Heidenpeters. If you are in the mood to experiment you could try their Belgian IPA with 8.2% alcohol. In spite of being a traditional German brewery, Heidenpeters seem to experiment a lot with unusual flavours and American brewing methods.

Austin, Texas

We cannot talk beer without naming Austin, can we? Austin is home to numerous craft breweries and produces one of the world’s best lager beers – We are talking about Live Oak Brewing Company. The food and beer scene at Austin is equally amazing. The Brewers Table is a clear example of that. Head there if you love your food as much as you love your beer. Their philosophy reflects the kitchen, the seasons and the sunshine. Their beer line-up focuses more on lagers, and they are the best.

Some more wonderful picks from Austin to satiate your beer cravings – The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co., Jester King, Pinthouse Pizza Burnet, Austin Beerworks and St. Elmo Brewing. These names are just a drop in the ocean. But the perfect locations to start your beer adventure.

Paris, France

It is not always wine in France. Craft beers are on the rise and Paris is no exception. Be on the lookout for local beers when at Paris and to help you with that, here are some recommendations:

Bap Bap

This fairly new brewery is located near the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery. So it can be a perfect stop for a refreshing pint after Pere Lachaise cemetery tour. Be on the lookout for local beers like Perle Noire, India Black Ale and BapBap’s Acid Eiffel.

Paname Brewing Company

Not just the beer, at Paname Brewing Company the vistas are incredible too. The terrace overlooks Bassin de la Villette and is a great place to relax with a pint of beer. They are also known for their restaurant where meats are marinated in craft beers. Isn’t that a beer lovers heaven?

Los Angeles, California

Whether you’re in Culver City or Long Beach – you are sure to find some great beers in LA.

Monkish Brewing, Torrance has a cult following for its IPAs and oak-aged saisons. Long Beach’s Beachwood Blendery is known for its sour ales, and Three Weavers have fantastic craft beers, like the crisp Seafarer Kolsch and easy-drinking Stateside Session IPA.

Some more happening beer destinations in Los Angeles include – Craft Beer Cellar, Brewyard Brewing Company and Mikkeller Bar to name a few.

New York City, New York

Beer scene that was once nascent has exploded in New York. There are many reasons for travelling to New York – and now beer is one of them. Now that country’s best breweries like Other Half, SingleCut, Sixpoint, Transmitter and Brooklyn Brewery are based here, you cannot really ignore the brewing scene at New York. Here are some favourites:

Threes Brewing

A coffee shop, restaurant, outdoor patio, full bar, and, most importantly, a delicious beer brewed on-site – Threes has everything one could ask for. Threes excel at the light and seasonal beers – make sure to try the Vliet Pilsner, Echo of Nothing, and the Constant Disappointment.

Other Half Brewing Company

Other Half is one of the coolest names in beer right now. At Other Half people queue up for hours for a limited release. At the taproom, you’ll find some coveted beers from the brewery along with having a good time. Their freshly brewed hazy IPA’s are a hit – make sure to try that.

Copenhagen, Denmark

You will not be short of opportunities to taste and savour different kinds of øl (Danish word for beer) in Copenhagen. From classics to craft beers to fun collaborations – this city is filled with gems every beer fan will love. Listing down some favourites here:


Carlsberg, founded in 1845 is Denmark’s largest brewery. Beer tasting and tours are held daily at the Carlsberg flagship brewery. Book yourself a tour if you’d like to take a look at this legendary brewery. Carlsberg has quite a few classics – from pilsners to lagers, bocks and cider. Carlsberg has a drink for everyone. Besides, they also have selections from other breweries in Denmark which you must try.

Tuborg is yet another old brewery of Copenhagen. Founded in 1880, Tuborg later merged with Carlsberg, and together they are one of the best in the world.

Nørrebro Bryghus

Nørrebro Bryghus is one of the craft beer pioneers in Copenhagen. Started in 2003,  Nørrebro was part of kickstarting the Danish craft beer revolution. It is an American inspired brewpub and serves some great beers. Nørrebro is a great place to get introduced to the classic Danish cuisine paired with a beer. Also, try out the IPA with added coffee beans.


Mikkeller doesn’t operate a home brewery. Instead, they collaborate with other breweries to create their own beer. From classic IPAs to one-off experimental brews, Mikkeller is the place to go to experience something unique. Mikkeller’s annual beer festival which happens in May features special casks and tastings from various breweries around the world. There are many new beers and special batches that are brewed just for the annual festival.


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