Welcome to SodaMonk.

Food is the quintessential expression of life. We cherish the food we eat as it gives us an avenue to make nature a part of ourselves and ourselves a part of nature.

At Sodamonk, we would like to facilitate this relationship with nature as we help to transform nature’s bountiful gifts into things we can eat and experience through all our senses.

As Indians, our relationship with food defines our cultural diversity. It also shows our ability to assimilate and transform all cultural expressions of food while giving it a new identity.

Food for us Indians is often a trip down memory lane. The smells and sights of food bring back memories of family, friends, celebrations and of togetherness.

Food is our biggest cultural export to the world. A signifier of our soft power. An expression of who we are, to the rest of the world. Complex yet simplistic, nostalgic yet forward-looking, limitless yet sustained, diligent yet unconstrained, stoic yet expressive.

Through food, we express our heritage, our potential, our story as Indians. United in our diversities, diverse in our unities.

Just like food, we share a special relationship with drinks. For us Indians, a drink is as much an expression of togetherness, a bookend for a celebration, an antidote to life’s stresses and a companion for our reflective selves.

Drinks are the social lubricant for interesting conversations, the entrée’ to music’s main course, the fixer of broken relationships, the balm for a broken heart and the potion for self- preservation.

At SodaMonk, in celebrating food, we celebrate India and its infinite possibilities. In celebrating drinks, we celebrate the spiritedness of life.

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