Enjoy Sumptuous Bihari Meals at these 5 establishments in Delhi-NCR

While India is embracing gourmet dishes from around the world, its own traditional cuisines cannot be ignored. Take for instance Bihari cuisine, the demand for which remains high, and so do the epicureans looking for restaurants serving their authentic version. Whether you crave Champaran or Litti Chokha, Sattu Paratha, or Ghoogni Churra, these 5 restaurants bring the best of Bihari cuisine to Delhi-NCR.

  1. The Potbelly, Chanakyapuri

Doesn’t matter if you want to have lunch, a late evening snack, or dinner, The Potbelly is the place to head to. Also famous as a state canteen, visitors can rest assured that the food served at The Potbelly is 100% organic. When here, you must try Fish Chokha on Marua Roti, Meat Pakora Basket, and Champaran Mutton – the delicacies that are certain to leave you impressed and craving for more. The perfection with which it is cooked is enough to take you by pleasant surprise. To savor an entire meal at one go, opt for Makhana Thali, Bhojpuri Thali, or Tarkari Thali.

  1. Magadh and Awadh, IFFCO Chowk Metro Station

Widely known for serving the regional food of Bihar and Awadh, Magadh and Awadh is one restaurant that’s trying to put the underrated Bihari cuisine on a national level. From its vast menu, customers swear by Magadh and Awadh’s Litti Chokha, Fish Tikka, Bhuna Gosht, and Paatliputra Parantha. This restaurant is a result of the founder’s passion and love for his motherland, which encouraged him to initiate this project.

  1. Café Lota, Pragati Maidan

Sited inside the National Crafts Museum plot, Café Lota is a quaint little café that offers a modern touch on regional Indian dishes, spanning from Uttarakhand’s Bhatt ki Churkani to different teas and coffees. Rightly in sync with the village-themed museum, Café Lota has a pleasant ambiance to enjoy a healthy and hearty meal. The popular choices of visitors here include Palak Patta Chaat, Besan Ke Gatte, Keema Gujiya, Kaccha Aam Prawn Curry, Khade Masaley ka Gosht, and Mustard Fish Tikka.

  1. Bihar ki Rasoi, Dilli Haat

If you are a frequent visitor at the popular Dilli Haat, remember to pay a visit to Bihar ki Rasoi the next time! This restaurant has a vibrant décor and relaxed vibes for you to relish the authentic Bihari food here. The Litti Mutton served at Bihar ki Rasoi is a perfect blend of juiciness and tenderness. Also, remember to check out their Egg Rolls, Patna Market Chaat, Sattu Kachori, and Ghugni, which are loved by almost everyone who gives it a try!

  1. Litti.in, Malviya Nagar

Litti.in is a little eatery that appears like an oasis to those who are craving some delicious Bihari food on the go. The best part – they serve the popular Litti in multiple versions. The options in their menu are a hit and very pocket-friendly. You cannot miss trying their Sattu Paratha, Chicken Latpat, Ghoogni, Aloo Bhujiya, and Mutton Curry. End your meal with Jal Jeera or Namkeen Chach!

With so many restaurants offering lesser-explored Bihari cuisine, all those cravings for Litti Chokha and Gujiya can be finally put to rest. And in case you haven’t heard of these dishes yet, then head over to the suggested restaurants at the earliest!

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