Old and iconic restaurants in Pune that you must visit at least once!

It may appear like a quiet city, but in reality, Pune is home to some of the classiest restaurants and pubs in India. From the original Doollally Taproom to the legendary Kayani Bakery to the old Irani Café, there’s something for everyone in this city. Scroll down to know about the 6 oldest eateries in Pune that should be on your radar the next time you’re here!


Sited on the Fergusson College Road, Vaishali restaurant is very famous amongst the students and manages to attract most of the college crowd from across the city. Owing to its ambiance and affordability, Vaishali has become a hot-spot to indulge in fast food delicacies. If you plan to visit this eatery in the evening, ensure you go well before the time, or else, be prepared to wait for at least a couple of minutes since that’s when it’s most crowded. Here, do try Vaishali’s Mysore Masala Dosa, Cheese Chili Toast, and Jelly with Fruit Salad.

Bedekar Tea Stall and Missal

A quaint little tea stall that first started off by selling Missal is now a crowded eatery that most locals swear by. Those who loved spice are sure to love the Missal here, which comes garnished with Poha and Farsan. Bedekar even replaces the standard Pav that comes along with Ussal with Sliced Bread. Other than these two items, you can try Batata Vada, Aam Panna, and Coffee at this eatery.

Deccan Gymkhana Club

Deccan Gymkhana Club is the biggest landmark for a small yet famous restaurant, Appas Canteen. For those who love Sabudana Khichdi, Idlis, and Medu Vada, this is the place to go to. Since commencement till now, the owner of the restaurant, also fondly called Appa, has retained every little piece of furniture and other accents. He happily affirms, “nothing is changed”. Batata Vada, Kande Pohe with Sambhar, and Upma other than the mentioned delicacies are must-tries when you visit Appas Canteen.


Situated at Camp Cantonment Road in a heritage construction of over 100 years old, Marz-o-Rin is a well-known fast-food establishment in Pune. Started in 1965 by Sheriar J. Sheriyarji with just 4 items on the menu, today the same restaurant has close to 150 delicacies listed. Some of the items that you must try here are Chicken Roll, Baked Beans with Chicken, Spaghetti, and Vegetable Sandwich. You can either dine in the restaurant or simply takeaway, at your convenience.

Vohuman Café

Founded by Hormuz Irani in the 70s, Vohuman is one of the most popular restaurants in Pune. But if you happen to ask a regular customer today, they’ll most likely say the place doesn’t seem the same without its owner’s humour and presence. Vohuman is an ideal place for a hearty breakfast and serves everything, from Bun Maskas to Cheese Omelettes, Irani Chai to Bournvita. Plan ahead if you wish to make it here for breakfast as there’s a long queue throughout the week!

Kayani Bakery

Kayani is a landmark. Since it was first set up in 1955, this little bakery has had queues forming even before the doors open every morning and afternoon—mainly for their popular Shrewsbury biscuits. Don’t expect a fancy, cosy café. Here baked goods are traded over the counter, so try grabbing your treats instead of looking for a table. A tall blackboard fixed to the wall in the corner lists out the many items on offer: Shrewsbury Biscuits, Ginger Cookies, Nankhatai (a traditional eggless Indian cookie), Walnut Cake, Rum Cake, Mawa Cakes, Madeira Cake, Wine Cake, Sponge Cake, Maska Khari (a flaky pastry snack). Whether you’re hoarding them for yourself, to feed to guests, or carrying them to your loved ones overseas; these colonial-era confections are a treasure.

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