Iconic restaurants you must eat at in Amritsar for the most authentic food experience

When we speak of Amritsar, what comes to our mind is the Golden Temple. But if there’s another reason to visit this city, it has to be the delightful Punjabi food that is offered at almost every nook and corner. To get some insight on what the busy streets have to serve, scroll ahead for my recommendations.

Kulcha Land

Amritsari Kulcha is one of the only dishes that are well traveled not just across the country but the world, too. My favorite among the plethora of eateries that serve this iconic dish is Kulcha Land. Typically served with chana masala and topped with butter, the lip-smacking kulchas at this place have better stuffing and are sure to please even the critics.

Makhan Fish Corner

When in Amritsar, you ought to have Makhan’s Amritsari Fish Tikka. Some restaurants put it in a tandoor and call it fish tikka while a few deep fry it – and then there are places like Makhan that do a duet. Ask any fish lover in the city and they’ll recommend you to visit this spot near Madaan Hospital Makhan Chowk.

Pal Da Dhaba

Sited near the Hathi Gate, Pal Da Dhaba is managed by its proprietor who also happens to be an iron chef in the kitchen. If there’s one dish you must try here, it’s Paya, also known as Hooves, which certainly isn’t something consumed commonly but once tasted, there’s no going back. A simple broth generously blessed with pieces of hooves, spiced with garam masala, lentil leaves, and chili, the dish tastes best when paired with Keema Paratha.

Crystal Restaurant

If there’s one eatery in Amritsar that has left a mark in the city in the best way, it’s Crystal Restaurant. If you speak to the locals, you’ll know that most of them consider this restaurant as one of the best non-vegetarian places in Amritsar. This restaurant’s reputation is known to have touched peaks, so much so that a whole chowk has been named as a landmark of this food joint. At Crystal, you cannot miss trying their Murg Tawa Frontier, which is a unique blend of spices that are hard to be found elsewhere in the city.

Surjit Food Plaza

Lawrence Road is famous for various restaurants but the one that cannot be missed is Surjit Food Plaza. Admired as the ideal place for Curries and Mutton Kebabs, this eatery happens to be a paradise for non-vegetarians. The preparation of Tikkas at Surjit is like no other, as they tend to tawa fry with ghee and also cook them inside the tandoor. Yes, I understand you are drooling already!

Now that you are well-versed with some of the iconic joints in Amritsar, plan a trip and get ready to hog!

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