Heading to the party capital of India, Goa? Confused about the best spots to enjoy nightlife? Whether you are looking for great beach shacks or funky nightclubs, we are going to help you plan your nightlife in Goa better. When the sun goes down, the party scene in Goa comes alive. Goa is the hub of the party scenes, best beaches, and good food. Here’s everything you need to know about the nightlife in Goa.

Essential Tips

Goa has something for every traveller, these are some essential tips to enjoy a safe yet happening nightlife in Goa.

1.    When in Goa, you’ll never be short of party places. So, you don’t have to spend time finding epic parties, they are everywhere.

2.    Plan your transportation in advance. If part of your nightlife is more than just dancing, we mean getting drunk too, then plan your transport back to your hotel in advance. Please do not drink and drive.

3. Don’t forget to inquire about the cover charges and the entry fees to the party or nightclub before heading out.

4.    Stay safe, don’t leave your party with strangers and keep your friends informed.

Five Best Party Places in Goa

1.    SinQ

This luxury resort is the ultimate hot spot for some of the best parties in town. SinQ is amongst the first party resorts in India which include a nightclub, poolside cabanas, and a tavern too. The music by the in-house DJ’s and visiting DJ’s is spectacular and wouldn’t get you off from the dance floor. SinQ is an upbeat and trendy lounge experience with creative cocktails and mouthwatering Goan delicacies to compliment the service.

2.    Hill Top

Every Goan tourist and resident who is a party lover may have classic Goa psychedelic trance party in the bucket list. And, Hill Top is your destination for this iconic party. The evolution of Hill Top from a small restaurant to the ultimate trance party destination merely shows the popularity. If you wanted to time your travel for the party, we’d suggest you plan it between October to April. Get, set and groove to the tunes of Psychedelic Trance.

3.    Thalassa

This Greek fine-dining restaurant, which recently moved to Teso Waterfront, continues to throw phenomenal parties every night. From live dance performances to a waterfront setting, this place is one of the luxurious spots in Goa that is open all year round.

4.    Curlies and Shiva Valley

This was one of the first shacks in Goa. Curlies host big party nights for techno and trance fans on Mondays and Thursdays. They are also open all year round and is located in Anjuna beach. As for Shiva valley, they have a cover charge and are open on Tuesdays for the party.

5.    Ash Arambol

If you are looking for a party spot at the Arambol beach, Ash is where it is! You might know it as a popular collaboration space for art lovers. But, at night they host some of the best live music performances and other live entertainment gigs. They are only open from November to March at the far south end of Arambol beach.

Five Best Beaches for Nightlife

1.    Anjuna

This is where the Curlies and Shiva valley parties happen. In the day Anjuna beach is a laid-back coastal village, and at night, Anjuna becomes a great party spot with dazzling lights, fantastic music and beverages and yummy food to accompany the atmosphere.

2.    Vagator

We have already established why Hilltop is one of the best trance party spots in Goa, that happens to be located just on the cliff above Vagator beach. 9 Bar and Chronicle are some of the other party spots which offer a mix of house, techno, and trance music.

3.    Ashwem

If you have already heard of the white party, Ashwem is where the action happens. They have some of the best parties throughout the year.  The Goat Festival at Ashwem, a three-day music and arts festival, is very popular amongst locals and tourists.

4.    Arambol

There’s a hippie vibe to Arambol beach, and the party life starts the minute sun goes down. There are epic carnivals, reggae parties, trance and house music bars like Psy Bar & Nightclub and Mango Tree here too.

5.    Palolem

The party beach of South Goa has some incredible parties throughout the year. Ever since silent disco was popularized by Bollywood movies, Silent Noise Club in Palolem has started attracting party crowd too.

Five Best Bars in Goa

While partying might be on top of your list, grabbing a Goan blend with your friends is also an excellent way to make the most of your nightlife. These are some of our top recommendations as the best bars in Goa.

1.    Cafe Lilliput

Located on Anjuna beach, Cafe Lilliput is one of the highly popular beach shacks in Goa for their impressive selection of spirits, wine, and food. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are great days to groove to some music here too.

2.    Tease Bar

This is one of the most stylish bars located in Vivanta by Taj that serves cocktails with a creative twist. While their speciality is the creative mood-based cocktails, they also have a vast selection of both Indian and International Spirits.

3.    The Mango Tree

Tastefully decked up with vibrant interiors, reggae music, excellent cocktails, and delicious Goan cuisine summarize what the Mango tree has to offer.

4.    Guru Bar

Guru Bar attracts a great mix of locals and tourists and offers live music and a fabulous view of the beach. They also have a great selection of cocktails, delicious food, and good entertainment.

5. Tito’s Pub

If you are to look at the top bars in Goa, Tito’s Pub might pop up quite a few times in search. They have a fantastic selection of Indian and International cocktails that are presented well too. They also have an incredible collection of vintage wine selection from around the world. Without a stop at Tito’s, your trip to Goa will be incomplete.


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